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Am I the only person who is upset by the fact this pug can’t breathe properly hence the really horrible noise when yawning…. the amount of pug videos on here with them panting horrifically, gasping for breath, snorting, choking, etc being seen as ‘cute’ sickens me. And the sad thing is this is why the demand for inbred and sickly dogs no matter how cute and endearing, is at an all-time high :(

This video is NOT what Luna sounds like when she yawns. This was the result of her attempting to howl and yawn simultaneously. She has no problems breathing when she yawns and for a pug, she seems to breathe pretty well. I make sure she stays as healthy as possible because she is the most important part of my world, thank you very much.

Many, many types of dogs have breathing difficulties for different reasons, most usually from small flat nose or thin muzzle but it can be from just a stuffy nose too. My dog is a BishonxPomeranian mix and nothing close to being inbred and still has the occasional breathing problems when she gets too excited. Dogs can’t blow their nose like us, so it’s stuff that can and will happen no matter what, inbreeding or not.

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